Gramo Rhoeas

The rhoeas papavers, better known as poppies, quickly became the symbol of the 14-18 war as they surprisingly covered the battlefields largely plowed by the rains of shells.

These pavilions, as if taken out of the ground, appeal to the passers-by a few meters from the monument to the dead which almost faces them. Gulled by Olivio and Mehdi the names of the dead on the battlefield inscribed on a monument in Algeria today destroyed, to which are added those of the city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Watch the past … Planted in the space full of greenery / Deepest texture / This mixture of memories, engravings / Sculptures, cultures / And the time that lasts / In the shadow of a eur / The silence of the last home / broken by many rodents … / They wanted to stay at the end / But rolled in the mud / Life harder than bamboo / And flowed in the hole / Watch them pass … Text: Olivio and Mehdi, with the participation of Carole Baudon (Trappes), extracts



Domaine National St Germaine-en-laye

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